November 8, 2010

Parting thoughts (and shots) about/of New York

Times Square shot and stitched with the iphone

I was only in New York for two days and after a two hour wind delay leaving Chicago and an hour-long medical emergency that kept us from our gate upon arrival, it seemed as if I would be in a airplane longer then I would be on the ground.  The last time I was in New York was 2006, also for PhotoPlus, but with my wonderful wife Kate. 

24 hour Apple Store
When I'm traveling by myself I tend to be a people watcher, wearing headphones and shades so I can keep to myself while peering out observing others.  This trip was different from the get go.  I spent most of the flight chatting about all things Mac as I found myself having an enjoyable flight comparing not just iPhone but iPad apps with my neighbors.

Once on the ground in NY, I keep waiting for the overtly rude encounters that are depicted almost as a sport in the movies but I have to say, each interaction with a true blue New Yorker was pleasant and genuine.

Right from the cab ride, check-in and my 1:00 am visit to the deli across from the hotel (best baklava that I've had in a while) the Soup Nazi was nowhere to be found.  It felt more like stepping into the Carlos Bakery for an episode of the Cake Boss.  Cab drivers, the B&H shuttle bus driver guy, even random people on the street seemed warm and genuinely eager to tell me about their family and kids and really anything 'New York' when asked.

I was particularly moved by an interaction I glimpsed quickly that brought a tear to my eye.  My boss and I (both devout Applephiles) were cutting across town after dinner to check out the flagship Apple Store.  We were walking through the theater district taking it all in when I spotted the handoff.  A behind the scenes theater tech was poking his head out a back door with what I would guess was his six year old son.  His batman back pack was hanging squarely across both shoulders and his coat was zipped up to his chin.  At 10:00 pm his eyes were glassy and the poor kid looked as weary as one would expect.  As we passed them, mom was picking him up and I overheard dad saying, 'he only had one worksheet that he did at school'... that's what made me pull my phone out to check the time. 

My boys, ages 7 and 10, would not be able to do homework this late and I was relieved this little guy wouldn't have to sit at the dining room table to get his done before bed.  I can only hope this was the end of a super special behind the scenes night with his dad and not a regular occurrence by hard working parents simply trying to make ends meet.

It still makes me sad to think about him.

So New Yorkers and everyone, I hope you enjoy these pictures of your city.  I sure enjoyed shooting them and especially my time in your city -  see ya next year!

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