July 28, 2010

phones, films and fun...

So tonight is my first big ‘iPhone-as-a-movie-camera-and-editing-platform’ shoot with Barbara Karant at MSI.  In prep, I shot a little video Monday night of the boys on a post-dinner bike ride to test out the phone and the iMovie editing software that you can use on the phone.

What the camera lacks in tonal range and what iMovie for the iPhone lacks in functionality (remember…it is still a phone after all) is more then made up by the fact that the entire video was shot, edited and soundtrack added on a phone that fits in your pocket!

Both as a society and as professional creators of imagery, moving and still, I don’t think anybody has really grappled with the long-term ramifications of this kind of functionality.  Sure the technology isn’t going to replace my MKII or a Panavision as it has some obvious drawbacks but think where this technology will be in five years. 

If the goal is to tell an interesting and compelling story and get it out to the world, then this phone has made a quantum leap in delivering that ability to the masses. 

Everyone is now free to make a bad film!
Here is a link for an HD version:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGfFcTsIuJc&hd=1

The other thing I found interesting was the packing list for the shoot, it looked like this:

Fully charged iPhone 4
Custom made handle bracket for greater handheld stability (photo to follow)
Tripod with fluid head
Bug spray
Water, coffee and gum

That’s about it…easy peasy.

So, enjoy my babies and the minute long test film while you ponder the future.

July 22, 2010

Awwww jeez!!

Alright, I got my first iPhone, a shiny new iPhone 4 and I have to say I’m hooked.  I got it on Sunday and I’ve been shooting pictures and video like crazy.  So much so that I set up a Flickr account to post the images straight from the phone, it’s a kick!

Here is a link to the flickr account:

Look for my first iPhone HD film that will be shot and edited on the phone in a couple of weeks.  Rock star architectural photographer Barbara Karant is taking our Architecture and Interior Photography students to the Smart Home at Museum of Science and Industry for a shoot and I plan to be in tow with my camera err phone in hand.

Here is a couple of my first shots -the train platform below was the first shot I made with it.

July 17, 2010

Harrington at NeoCon, 2010

Here is a short film project I just completed.  It also served as an editing test for my upcoming Multimedia class.  I wanted to see how well my older 13-inch MacBook Pro could manage the MKII files.  FCP was quite sticky at times so I tried iMovie which ran surprisingly smooth if down sizing the file is OK for your use.

The majority of the film was cut w/ iMovie, then FCP for a little bit of color finessing and the end credits. 

I shot with Canon’s 14mm, 24mm–70mm, and the 100-400mm L lenses along with the Zeiss 25mm for the Merlin stuff.

Thanks to Professor Kliq for the kicking soundtrack!



July 16, 2010

Psychedelic aftermath?

What looks like Dexter Morgan making a stop in the 60’s, are the remnants of Interior Design instructor Peter Klick’s experimental design class.  Here are some pics of the project: http://www.flickr.com/photos/klickli/sets/72157623185742161/
quite odd…

July 4, 2010

America America

Linhof Super Technika III w/ a 65mm Super Angulon on 4x5 Velvia