November 30, 2011

Windy City

I headed out into the very windy (and cold) evening to shoot some time exposures of trees and clouds.  Here is my favorite.  

November 14, 2011

to the MAX.

Cool shapes and colors outside the McCook Athletic and Expo center this weekend.

November 8, 2011


So I'm trying wait patiently for my Sony Nex-7 to be shipped and I'm going broke at the drugstore mini lab as I've been carrying around my F1 with a normal lens lately.  Totally fun and enjoying the solid click, advancing with my thumb and everything about shooting film. Except for maybe waiting a day and not being able to shoot with wild abandon, although that is part of the challenge isn't it?
O'Hare at sunset before it was 'suggested' I pack up and move on...

hit up a coworker for a CTA pass
when I saw the post rain light
Vincent Laforet at the Lincoln Park Apple store last night
saw this at a stoplight

??? first shot on the roll...I don't remember shooting it, but i like it