June 23, 2015

Tornado damage

Tomorrow morning I'm heading to Coal City to photography the aftermath and the Red Cross aid efforts from last nights tornado.  It can be quite delicate to be asked to photograph after such a devastating event, I hope my images can help the town and the continued efforts of the Red Cross.  
damage from Fairdale Illinois F4 tornado

June 8, 2015

Stretching the Limits...

The early afternoon weather was so nice downtown we took an impromptu field trip to get my class started on their next shooting assignment. 

I grabbed the Canon tilt/shift 17mm and mounted it to my (beater) MkII body just to play around a bit.  

Stitching shifted files is nothing new but, MAN when it's a 17mm I'm still blown away every time!

Here are vertical and horizontal stitches of the largest barge mounted crane I've ever seen!