November 1, 2010

Ironic beyond belief...

Heading out to PhotoEast for workshops and industry stuff, I pulled into the new long term parking lot at Midway just as the sun was setting.  For some time, I have wanted to photograph the small propeller wind turbines the city has installed on the roof the evening  sky and light looked great.  

Being that day (October 27th) was the windiest day in Chicago in decades (and my mom's birthday, Happy Birthday Mom! Celebrate by checking out her blog) one would think they would be spinning with enough might to power the entire parking garage and half the airport too, but no, securely tied in place, they were going nowhere, generating nothing.

Between trying not to get blown over and wiping the amazing amount of tears pouring out of my eyes from the gritty 50 mph gusts, I was struggling to hold the camera still and compose a decent photo.     

For some time now I've described my work Cultural Irony and while this particular image is not ironic on it's own, the situation and back story certainly was.

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