May 15, 2015

Filtering the Lomo LC-Wide for Black and White

For a little while I've been shooting with the amazing Lomography LC-Wide. a pocketable fully auto camera with a surprisingly sharp 17mm f/4.5 lens.  Super small and and easy to keep on you. 

I recently started developing black and white again and have unearthed a small stash of outdated 3200 TMax and Delta 35mm film.

Seemed like a perfect film stock to accompany the gritty (and amazing) look for the LC-Wide but there wasn't an easy way to pop an orange or red filter on the camera when shooting during the daytime.  While clicking around waiting for my brain to fall asleep, I realized the LC-Wide Instant Kit might do the trick.  

I got the kit and popped out the lens that focuses the instant film and made a little templet of the opening left behind.  Using a little wet/dry sand paper the white lettering surrounding the auxiliary lens was removed, wouldn't want to confuse anyone :)   A little plastic airplane glue and my r25 filter was attached perfectly in the magnetic lens holder.  

Now I can pop on and off a red filter just as easy as can be.  I should note that the red filter absorbs 3 full stops of light so don't forget to roll the ASA control (OK Lomo...this required me to get my reading glasses out #@!#??!!) back to ASA 400 when you are going to use the red filter to properly expose your negatives.

I'll post some pictures after I run the next batch of film.

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