October 14, 2011

Practicing what I preach.

I just got an email from a friend, photographer and ASMP board member that my ASMP article looks great.  I haven’t seen it yet (check back, I’ll post it here) but I have a funny story that I wanted to share.  When ASMP/PDEedu editor extraordinaire, Jill Waterman contacted me, I quickly forwarded the chapter from Lighting for Dummies that she wanted to feature (ch 8) and the pictures that I could access quickly.  

You have to know the images for the book live in several places with the largest file being a whopping 2400 images!
my quicky wine glass set 
I couldn’t locate one particular shot.  Then I realized the irony, the AWOL image was the example of the ‘quick one-light wine glass technique' where you can light any clear or lightly frosted glass by simply illuminating the wall behind it. 

Of course it really only works with clear liquids (cranberry juice standing in for Pinot Noir in this case) but in less then 21 minutes, including finding a camera, a CF card, a ceramic tile, dragging stands and lights from the one of our studios to a lounge with a relativity clean wall, I shot the lead picture of the article.  A true testament to what’s inside!  

ASMP members check your mailbox and others; check back and I’ll post it here when I get mine in the mail.

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