October 24, 2011

b/w film...

Man I miss this shooting 35mm, here are a couple shots after teaching a night class made with with my Canon F1 and 50mm f/1.2L


  1. Love the 50mm, the compositions are so cinematic, assuming you shot these wide open how fast was the shutter speed?

  2. How are you man? I was checking out a couple of your shots on flickr without even knowing they were yours! Small world! The Jesus and the guy walking away from the tunnel in LA in particular. Awesome stuff, are how long have you had the .095? That lens looks pretty incredible, I've preordered a nex-7 as my walk around wanna be M9. That's why I've been shooting with my F1 again as I sent my PL2 to my brother who also lives in LA.

    The woman on the train was at an eighth at 1.2, both the blurs were at a full second and propped up on things. The signs are stopped down to a 4-5.6 split.

    Keep in touch and keep the images coming!