September 29, 2011

Super cheap, scrimtasticly awesome alternative!

So what if i just made up a word, you know exactly what I'm talking about...right?

This afternoon photographer and Harrington instructor Todd Crawford called me today to ask if there was a way each student could have their own RoadRags kit for the semester to make it easier to complete our PHO113, Lighting Theory coursework.  Excellent idea but at $325.00 for the 24x36 kit I'm not sure I can make that fly with the bean-counters upstairs. 

While chatting with him it hit me, chapter 7, yep Lighting for Dummies strikes again.  Below is a excerpt that shows you how to make a your own RoadRags style lighting modifier that can serve as a reflector, diffuser, scrim and black flag.  If you are crafty it should run less then $30.00 or 35.00...sorry Matthews!

If you click on the excerpt below it will open in a window large enough to print out.  I hope this helps you in your work, especially our PHO113 students!

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  1. AWESOME!!! P.S. I did a search for "do it yourself roadrags kit" and you were number 5 on the google list.