August 31, 2011

Help up give back!

Harrington College of Design seeks not-for-profits in need of Photography.

Social Practices in Photography (or PHO269) is seeking new, start-up or underfunded not-for-profits who are in need of professional photographic services.   We are hoping to provide images to organizations that have historically not had the means to afford a professional photographer in the past.  In order to qualify for this program, images must be used in printed collateral sometime in the remainder of 2011 and carry the students credit information.  The student should receive copies of the final printed piece for their portfolio materials as well.

By shooting for a real client, the hope is to provide a real world experience for the students at the same time as helping them understand the power or value of an image outside of its commercial value. 

This two-part course is part of our new four year BFA program, which adds social service and global awareness to the technical foundation students receive in the first two years of the program. 

If you are interested in receiving photographic services or know someone who might please get in touch with Dirk Fletcher, Department Chairman of the Photography Programs at Harrington College of Design at

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