March 12, 2011

Southern Comfort-

I'm writing from the air as I'm flying home from the Society of Photographic Educators or SPE convention in Atlanta.  I have to say it was fantastic and I didn't even stay for the entire weekend.  I had a full docket of people that I wanted to talk to in person and I'm confident I missed well more then half of them. 

But it doesn't matter...not a bit.  The people I did talk to and share work with did, just as friend and prominent photo educator, Jeff Curto, said they would...left me totally energized and wanting to shoot more.

So heading to the airport, when the driver, who looked freakishly like Quinn on Dexter and ironically who too was packing a heater (when asked about it, all he said was 'you are in the south sir'...I'm honestly not sure what that means...) but when he got me to the airport in crazy record time at the hight the Friday rush, I suddenly had the opportunity to spend some time shooting one of my very favorite subjects. It was refreshing to not get stopped by police or airport security to boot, something that generally doesn't happen in Chicago.  This gave me a luxurious amount of time to shoot in the late afternoon sun.

I hope you like the images!

So thank you Atlanta, thank you SPE, and thank you SCAD Atlanta for your hospitality and your inspiration.  Thanks for 20 foot camera extensions (totally cool, you gotta check this out), talks about guerrilla student exhibitions hung in the alleys of the gallery district (I hope you are reading Focus Group!), inspirational traveling tents of historical modern imagery and feedback that after all, I'm really not a Dummy but the creator of a useful tool.  

So as I've said till I'm blue in the face, grab a camera and go shoot something...anything, just get get out there and make some images!

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