April 25, 2010



I actually have never seen the entire 1976 movie Network, but I kept hearing this line popping up here and there.  Here is the clip where actor Peter Finch delivers the famous and still poignant monologue, it’s the shortest clip I could find @ 2:13:

Actually I’m not mad; more amused then anything, I just really like that clip and wanted to work it in somehow :)

But here is what started all this, I got a spam for a product called the ‘Perfect Bounce Card’.  Being sucker enough, I bit and clicked through.  What I found amused me, bounce card packages from $49.00 to $69.00 bucks!  OK, maybe I was a little mad, and still amused…

It’s a bounce card people, just a little plastic to bounce your on-camera flash to conserve battery life and create a much larger and softer light source.  It also gets it higher above the lens.

So here is my ‘Perfect Bounce Card’.  I made my first one in the late 80’s after seeing a similar one in a Domke catalog.

You can build one from…well…free, to just a couple bucks.  I’ve made tons of these over the years, given at least a dozen or so away, whenever I use an assistant or second shooter for a job I usually give them one to use and let them keep it.

If you click on the outline shot of the bounce card, it should open up in a new window, Print is at 100% and you have your template to cut around.  The very best thing to use is white plastic from the model railroad shop but I just made one out of foam core last week for a quick shot we needed to do at work so you can really use anything you have around.

The nice thing about using my template is its perfect size to fit into a shirt pocket when you aren’t using it and it can be used conjunction with an Omnibounce as shown. 

So print it out, cut it out and slap on a piece of Velcro or a broccoli or zucchini rubber band and you are done!

Check out the clip and revel in all the $$ you saved!!

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