November 24, 2009

Finally! (Winter Games pt. 2)

Here is one from the ‘Geez, everything takes longer then you think, file!'
I got both the Ansco Ready Flash 620 cameras and while very cool, they wouldn’t work for the project.  What was really appealing about them was the ability to use a flash to offset the limited (or actually no) aperture and shutter choices.  After getting the camera, cutting it apart, mounting it into the cannibalized Polaroid 250, I realized that the flash sync is set to close, or trip, very (very) early in the shutter cycle so the flash bulb would be in full burn when the shutter was fully opened.  When using it with an electronic flash, the flash fired before the shutter was even open.

Oh well, it looked promising and the cool retro styling was too good to be true.

I still have a Ready Flash 620 that hasn’t been cut apart, if you are interested, drop me a line, both are yours for the cost of Priority Mail!

So I was hoping for something with a little larger circle of coverage then the Holga, but at 11:30 in my basement shop/office/world headquarters, a surplus Holga was the only thing not making eye contact when I looked its way.  So a little time with the Dremel and bench grinder and I had the back focus measured and cut perfectly, 30 feet of black gaffers tape and its light tight (mostly) and ready for action!  The finishing touch was in the form of the Polaroid 95a’s super-cool flip up finder that sits atop the camera.

The shots below were not scanned but rather shot with a digital camera, while I was hoping for a little more pano-landscape-ie feel, the price was right and when inspiration strikes…. well, you know :)


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