November 26, 2014

paying it forward

Had a fantastic time yesterday as a volunteer photographer for the Red Cross Disaster Relief Telethon.  What made it to fun, wasn't that I was using my area of expertise to help my community, it wasn't that we got to meet 80's rocker legend Dee Snider, Governor Quinn (who made a point to shake my 11 year old sons hand) a bunch of radio and TV personalities, it was that I sent one email to the fantastic Harrington Photography Department faculty and students looking for people to join me and I was met with an overwhelming response.  Some shot all afternoon, some popped over for an hour or so after work when they could.  Learning outcomes...mission it whatever you want, but I'm proud to be surrounded by a group of faculty and students who really care about our city, each other and doing the right thing.  

I was joined by faculty member Ron Gould, graduate Alfonso Monroy, and a ton of student including Daniel Stewart, the ever energetic Nancy Veloo, Marlee Power, Kate Kaplan and Cortez Dorris.

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