January 13, 2014

Inviting Everyone to Play Along

I sent this out to my colleges at work last week and got a quick 45-50 participant and they are still coming in.  

Depending on where you are and your stair/ elevator situation play along, even if you only forgo the elevator once a day thats better then not at all.  

Feel free to share as it will only help...

The 2014 HCD Stair Challenge
 Before you engage in an adolescent staring contest with a co-worker put down your juicy beef combo and read this.

The negative effects of this years holidays were exponentially compounded by an additional (and completely unplanned) extra three days on the couch.  Now I like frozen pizza, ice cream and Gilligan's Island re-runs as much as the next guy, but I stepped on the scale this morning and the digital readout simply said STEP OFF!  What the..?#!@#??  I was crushed!!!  So after flinging it into the backyard I realized it just might have a point.  Here is what I propose, it’s easy and will only help all who choose participate. 

The 2014 Harrington Challenge-
Take a vow that for the entire semester you will use the stairs for ALL inter-floor transportation.  That’s right, taking control of our collective health starts with just one little step (actually there are 22 and one landing between each floor) Here is the catch and the carrot…  The reason you need to take the vow is if you slip and take the elevator, you need to put a dollar into a kitty (location to be determined soon) and at the end of the semester, we will take out all the money and buy something completely ridiculous like a couple dozen Portillos Chocolate Cake Shakes for all the participants or something else equally as horrible and delicious at the same time!

So if your in, just stair stare at this email, hold up your right hand and tell the elevators they can join the scale in the snowy back yard, even if its just for a semester.  You might want to do a quick (and yes annoying) 'reply all' so we can all encourage each other to make sure it sticks.  

Here's to a healthier 2014!!


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