July 14, 2013

Dibs 2 (and happy summer...)

If you are not from Chicago the idea of shoveling out your parking spot and placing old furniture to keep others from benefiting from your sweat may seem odd. Honestly we've lived here for 18 years and as entertaining as it is, we still find it quite odd too.

But as I'm sitting here guarding the annual Boy Scout Pack 90, post fourth of July parade picnic spot, I realized that I'm surround by the exact same phenomenon.  For several years now, I've been assigned to be the grill master for our growing pack, this year I'll be cooking for almost 100 scouts and parents, it is great to be involved with something this big, I absolutely love it.

The parade ends in a large Brookfield park where people eat, catch up and enjoy a drink or two together.  The Boy Scout group is only one of a couple dozen large groups that show up early or even the night before to stake out a prime location in the park.  Like every year we got here at 7:30 to secure our spot and as I'm standing sentry in a park full of empty and 'saved' picnic site I'm finding it oddly inspiring and picturesque.

There is an unusual calmness to the park as you walk through prior to the laughter and joy that will follow.

I hope everyone has family and friends to enjoy this holiday and all holidays with. Be safe and have fun!

If you wanna check out the 'Dibs' phenomenon (and you should) click here.

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