September 30, 2012

Friday Night Lights reprise

A couple of weeks ago I checked out the Strobist an hour or so before heading out for my very first high school football game since the late 80's.  Please don't do the math but I can tell you that both my wife and I were scared to death 10 minutes after walking through the RB gates.  I really hate to sound like my parents (sorry mom and dad) but WOW have things changed since we were in high school.  I really miss 'the U' and all the fun that high-school brought.  

While I wasn't going to shoot from the sidelines, David's article about shooting high-school football after 30 years coaxed me to bring a MKII and a couple of 'real' lenses instead of my G1x that normally accompanies me on outings like this.  While I didn't get anything as cool as Mr. Hobby (remember Kate and I were in shock after all) I did get a cool shot of our Bulldogs heading to the locker room at halftime...  

Thanks for the inspiration David, keep it coming!

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