May 3, 2012

Digital Pinhole Photography

In honor of (and in prep for) Worldwide Pinhole Day (which was last Saturday the 4/28 in case you missed it) I spent last Friday at Lenox Laser nestled in the lovely rolling hills of Maryland just outside of Baltimore.  I was invited to present my work in the 1st Annual Pinhole Photography Seminar, “Rediscovering the Art of Pinhole Photography”

This all started in 2001 when I won first place in their pinhole contest.   My winning shot is now included in the Daystar logo.  Since then, optical engineer (guru and all around nice guy) Greg Solyar and I have been in contact and visited back and forth all while comparing notes about their photographic pinholes and slits. 

Owner Joe d’Entremont, Gary, Rachel and Tom run a fantastic operation and produce, hands down, the very best photographic pinholes available. 

I am eagerly looking forward to some forthcoming products as well!

Below is a sample of the work that was shown in my lecture using the Daystar dSLR Pinhole cap on a Canon 5DmkII.

tryptic of final approach streaks at Midway International Airport, I hand carried a 15 foot long print of this shot to the seminar!

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