February 19, 2012

first trip to Gary

After talking about it for far too long, a photographer and friend of mine and I finally made the short trip to nearby Gary Indiana this past Friday.  We wanted to see for ourselves and what documentary and fine art photographers have been lensing for some time.

The 1960's brought massive layoffs by U.S. Steel which sent the city into a spiral that is was never able to recover from.  This left behind businesses, playhouses, manufacturing facilities and homes.  Everything you need for once thriving community was just left behind.  Walking though the city leaves you with an erie feeling indeed.

These images were made on a scouting trip and are the first of a series that will include sizable effort from Harrington photography students, instructors and classes through the summer of 2012.  Currently dubbed The Gary Project, we will use the city as a backdrop for numerous assignments culminating in our first traveling exhibition and book.

Any proceeds coming from the project will be funneled to Gary community programs and area not-for-profits.  While participation will be open to the entire student population, the classes that will formally be charged with this project will include: Social Practices in Photography, Modern Alternative Practices, Commercial Photography I and II.


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