January 31, 2012

Fast Foods.

Cheez Whiz
cheese food, pretzels and meat sticks
It is pretty excited to share some new work from a project I'm calling Fast Foods.  Enjoy!

Fast Foods.

As much as we try to deny it, the stark reality is, the body changes as we get older.  We can no longer drink like a 20 year old, we can no longer eat like a teenager and suddenly exercise and sleep is vital to our health, happiness and personal productivity.  This is all fact that cannot be ignored. 

My last several trips to the doctor (something that only started on a regular basis in the last five years or so) not only confirmed that, I am, in fact aging and more importantly, if exercise and dietary changes were not made now, I am on the cusp of inflicting long term damage to myself. 

While I'm not happy about any of this, for my family and myself, I am challenging myself to make these changes a reality.  I'm not one who enjoys working out, but I'm doing it.  And I'm certainly someone who enjoys sweets.  Growing up with a mother who was (and actually still is) a pastry chef, I come upon my dependence on processed sugar honestly.  Whatever the case, the sugar and other gratuitously evil foods must go. 

If you are at all on the fence about the foods you eat, spend three hours watching independent documentaries, Super Size Me and King Corn.  This will, at the least, put some fear into you.

As I'm struggling to make these life-enhancing changes, I'm reading the ingredients of everything that enters this temple.  This practice alone is turning into quite an education...one in chemistry at least.

Taking a step back, I'm for the first time in my life realizing how far away from basic fruits, nuts and vegetables we, as a society, have wandered.  Our supermarkets aisles are peppered with ridiculous foods that are only there because savvy marketing has made them seem somehow pertinent to our busy lives.  These 'products' will make everyone's lives easier and more enjoyable.

This body of work explores these foods.  Everything that is photographed is not a small, one off, sensation.  Each photograph explores a popular product that in all honesty, used as intended, will only diminish ones health.

Bon Appetite.

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