June 23, 2011

Modern Alternative Photo

I want to share a link to a blog that I’m using in my summer Modern Alternative Photographic Practices class.

The class teaches students to disassemble (destroy, dissect, otherwise part-out and reuse) older cameras and lenses while designing and constructing new photographic tools that create unique and one off imagery that offer possibilities for commercial and fine art applications.  

Students have been turning in all of their coursework and are graded via the blog.  Were up to 13 pages or so, here is the blurb from the description from info page:

This is the blog for the summer section of the amazing build-your-own-camera-and-lens-blow-stuff-up-paint-with-light-did-i-mention breaking-cameras-just-to-build-new-ones...class.  The advising department simply calls the class Modern Alternative Photographic Practices, or PHO235.

Check in weekly as the students will be posting assignments and behind the scenes or 'how-to' pictures so you can follow along at home.


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  1. I had so much fun stopping into your class! Love the MAP site you made!