October 6, 2010

Zeiss 18mm test

A little while back I bought the amazing new 18mm Zeiss in an EF mount for use on the full frame 5DmkII.  I’ve always loved wide angle lenses and while I was stuffing the piggy bank in the name of the new 14mm mkII Canon when Zeiss announced this lens, which comes in much cheaper then the Canon. It would be a perfect complement to the 25mm Zeiss I've been using for video.  Since getting it a couple months ago I’ve shot it on a couple of jobs but I haven’t really done as detailed of a test as I usually do on a lens.  Attached are some test shots made on the way to the Apple store on a perfect Chicago afternoon. 

The lens does amazing well in a variety of situations as you would expect any lens carrying the Zeiss name. Several have complete tonal ranges, from the brightest of highlights to the deepest dark shadow areas and in each situation it performs swimmingly, even the shots with the sun in the frame.  The only word I can think of is ‘buttery’ which doesn't really describe a darn thing until you see the results on a decent monitor and then you will agree, ‘buttery’ is a perfect word. 


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