September 7, 2010

The light at the end.....

I might be mistaken but I just might be done with the book.  I actually tried calculating how much PepsiMax I drank while I was writing and shooting.  While the gallon count may never be known but I have to say, it sure did the trick. 

My portion of book is done and will be out early December.  I have to say I would be nowhere if it weren’t for the amazing students that shared some of their fantastic imagery with me. 

Here is the portion from the acknowledgments in the front of the book where I get to thank them:

“A huge debt of gratitude needs to be paid to my students whose energy and enthusiasm makes every day at the college feel like a weekend.  I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate being able to work around you, with you, and for you each and every day. I especially need to thank a group of young professionals who were so kind to lend their fantastic imagery to this project. Your images truly make these pages jump! Not necessarily in order of appearance, the students whose images appear are Britton Black, Stephanie Remelius, John Karl Brewick, Nick Provost, Robert Vreeland, Ricky Kluge, and Tyler Lundburg.” 

Please click on their sites and check them out for yourselves:

Nick Provost:
Britton Black:
Ricky Kluge (for the cover photo):
Stephanie Remelius:
J. Karl Brewick:
Tyler Lundburg:


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