February 24, 2010

Lost History

I am happy to announce that I am officially writing a book about Photographic Lighting for Wiley Publishing that’s due out by the end of the year.  So part of the process includes digging through every image that I've ever made in search for samples to illustrate various techniques that are being discussed.

Early this morning I found some Polaroid type 55 pinholes that I shot years ago and man are they cool.  I shot them with a super wide 4x5 pinhole camera that I made specially for shooting type 55 Polaroid.

We have all watched the price of type 55 go up to almost 200 bucks a box until Polaroid exhausted its supply.  If you need a good laugh (or cry actually) check out what it is going for on eBay right now!

So enjoy these lost relics, Paul Bunyan was a hot dog joint called Bunyan’s (which is actually a little gross if you think about it) found near the very beginning of route 66 in Berwyn IL and the other shot is the Great Hall in Chicago’s Union Station.


(PS) I have 6 sheets of type 55 left...
       make me an offer!

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